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Things to Accept about Divorce

Divorce is frustrating and emotional. There isn’t a good way to get around these feelings, but being able to accept certain realities will ease this difficult time in your life. Divorce is a process. Remember that it’s not an event. The difference between the two isn’t semantics. Studies have shown that divorce is very similar […] read more…

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Protecting Your Financial Future in your Divorce

I tell clients to pretend that they are living in two worlds during the divorce process: 1) the legal world; and 2) the real world. In the legal world, their divorce orders and judgment can state that one party takes certain debts and the other party takes other debts. Unfortunately, in the real world, creditors […] read more…

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Improving the communication between you and your attorney

Speaking with your attorney, who is a near-stranger stranger to you, about the most intimate details of your personal life can be difficult, embarrassing, and downright undesirable. At the same time, it’s a great source of frustration for clients when their attorney doesn’t seem to want to listen to what they have to say. By […] read more…

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