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Tips for Having Tough Conversations

We all feel frustrated and far less than brilliant when we don’t know how to handle difficult conversations with grace, confidence and ease. Whether you’re working with a difficult person, talking to your hormonally-charged teenager about missing curfew or being afraid to ask for what you need in your romantic relationship, we could all use help being able to speak our truth, even when it might not be easy for someone else to hear. We all avoid tough conversations at times. Whether it’s because we hate conflict, are afraid of losing, or just don’t want to speak to the other person period, it’s a drain of energy and time allowing that conversation to fester.

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Why You Need to Own Your Results

Let’s start with two basic premises: 1) You can’t change what you don’t own; and 2) Chances are you own every result. So when you make excuses and blame outside forces that are beyond your control, you get stuck with the same bad results because of the problems you refuse to own.

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Divorce After 50 – Unique Issues Older Couples Face

Most Baby Boomers contemplating divorce have different needs simply because of where they are at in life. Since the majority of the income-generating years are behind them, special attention must be paid to future income, health insurance and spousal support.

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