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Kardashian Divorce Finalized

by Cristin M. Lowe At long last, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are divorced!  At a hearing on Friday, April 19, 2013, Kim’s attorney presented a written agreement to the Court, which was accepted.  Kris Humphries did not appear, but Kim was sworn in and questioned by the judge.  So how was this able to […] read more…

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Kardashian Divorce Update

    by Cristin M. Lowe Once again, Kim Kardashian’s divorce is making headlines.  Kris Humphries recently failed to appear at a mandatory Settlement Conference, reportedly infuriating the judge.  Rumor or not, I can say from experience that most family law judges would not be pleased if a party did not show up to one […] read more…

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Surviving the Holidays During Divorce

by Cristin M. Lowe The holidays are already stressful when you’re part of a blissful, intact family.  But for over 50% of the population who experience divorce or a separation, the holiday season can feel like a cruel joke when you’re surrounded by ridiculously jolly people who couldn’t possibly understand what you’re going through.  Here are some […] read more…

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