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How to Survive a Four-Way Meeting

by Cristin M. Lowe Ah, the dreaded four-way meeting, which you might also hear referred to as a meet and confer session.  In many counties, it’s frequently ordered by a judge that the parties and their attorneys must meet in-person.  Some counties (like Alameda County) require four-way meetings prior to certain hearings.  And even if […] read more…

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Is a Collaborative Divorce Right for Me?

By: Cristin M. Lowe Most people handle their divorce in one of two ways, through litigation or by mediation.  While there are benefits to both litigation and mediation, many people want a third option.  Enter Collaborative Practice, a newer approach to divorce law and a close relative to mediation.  So what is it, exactly? Collaborative […] read more…

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What Happens to Pets After a Divorce?

by Cristin M. Lowe We love our pets, and it seems crazy to think that California law views them as property to be divided in the event of a divorce.  My dogs, Murphy and Wykid Angel, certainly don’t consider themselves property – they are completely offended and horrified at being categorized as such.  So how […] read more…

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Secrets of a Courtroom

by Cristin M. Lowe Most people imagine a courtroom to be just like what is commonly seen on TV. For people with divorce and family law matters, TV shows really aren’t a good benchmark of what to expect when you go to court for your case. 1.  Court security.  Almost all courthouses require you go […] read more…

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Kardashian Divorce Finalized

by Cristin M. Lowe At long last, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are divorced!  At a hearing on Friday, April 19, 2013, Kim’s attorney presented a written agreement to the Court, which was accepted.  Kris Humphries did not appear, but Kim was sworn in and questioned by the judge.  So how was this able to […] read more…

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Kardashian Divorce Update

    by Cristin M. Lowe Once again, Kim Kardashian’s divorce is making headlines.  Kris Humphries recently failed to appear at a mandatory Settlement Conference, reportedly infuriating the judge.  Rumor or not, I can say from experience that most family law judges would not be pleased if a party did not show up to one […] read more…

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Surviving the Holidays During Divorce

by Cristin M. Lowe The holidays are already stressful when you’re part of a blissful, intact family.  But for over 50% of the population who experience divorce or a separation, the holiday season can feel like a cruel joke when you’re surrounded by ridiculously jolly people who couldn’t possibly understand what you’re going through.  Here are some […] read more…

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The Rule of Three: Surviving Your Financial Disclosures

by: Cristin M. Lowe Ah, the dreaded Schedule of Assets and Debts.  The document that consistently overwhelms, intimidates, and, if we’re being honest, irritates most, if not all people who have to do it.  Probably the number one question I get as a divorce attorney runs something along the lines of, “Why do I have […] read more…

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Never Assume You were Heard Correctly

Mediation is about making sure all parties are heard. It starts with you stating what you want out of mediation and giving a clear understanding of who, what, and where you want your mediation to go.

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Divorce Myths and Urban Legends

For us family law attorneys, that often times means that we spend hours upon hours debunking myths and explaining why Aunt Sallie may not be completely correct with her legal advice. One time, I spent no fewer than four phone conversations with a client who was adamant that I had the law completely wrong because her three sisters and mom had all gone through out of state divorces and had never heard of something.

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