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Rethinking Prenuptial Agreements

Others think that because they are beginning their marriage with few to no assets, that a prenup will be of no benefit to them. Regardless of why you might not be too keen on entering into a legal contract prior to walking down the aisle, consider this major benefit that may ultimately save your marriage: it forces you to talk about your future.

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Pet Custody

If you are considering a shared parenting plan of your pets, it is extremely important to hammer out all of the details. While a visitation schedule may be reasonably simple to agree to, the costs associated with caring for a pet (which all pet lovers know are exorbitant) need to be discussed.

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Divorce Myths and Urban Legends

For us family law attorneys, that often times means that we spend hours upon hours debunking myths and explaining why Aunt Sallie may not be completely correct with her legal advice. One time, I spent no fewer than four phone conversations with a client who was adamant that I had the law completely wrong because her three sisters and mom had all gone through out of state divorces and had never heard of something.

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Establishing Paternity

Establishing paternity will be very important for a child if his or her parents become separated, divorced, or were never married—especially if the child’s father wants to ensure that he has custody and visitation rights.

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