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Is a Collaborative Divorce Right for Me?

By: Cristin M. Lowe Most people handle their divorce in one of two ways, through litigation or by mediation.  While there are benefits to both litigation and mediation, many people want a third option.  Enter Collaborative Practice, a newer approach to divorce law and a close relative to mediation.  So what is it, exactly? Collaborative […] read more…

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Never Assume You were Heard Correctly

Mediation is about making sure all parties are heard. It starts with you stating what you want out of mediation and giving a clear understanding of who, what, and where you want your mediation to go.

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Don’t Let Your Emotions Take Over

Displaying emotions during mediation is not wrong or harmful. In fact, I encourage clients to present as “real” people and not be afraid to show their genuine feelings. What I don’t want to happen is for them to allow their emotions to dictate their actions and words.

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Account for Personal Differences

Who is to say that Johnny would do better on a week on/week off schedule or two weeks with Mom and two weeks with Dad? They’re both equal timeshares, after all. What is better, two one-week vacations or one two-week vacation? Should the kids be exchanged on Christmas Eve at midnight or 10 am Christmas Day? I could go on and on naming example after example about how reasonable minds can differ.

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