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Never Assume You were Heard Correctly

Mediation is about making sure all parties are heard. It starts with you stating what you want out of mediation and giving a clear understanding of who, what, and where you want your mediation to go.

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Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

The top ten mistakes to avoid when getting divorced.

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Part Three: Connection

Part Three: Connection By Cristin Lowe Disconnecting from friends and family is an easy trap to fall into during divorce proceedings.  So that’s why day three of the challenge is connection.  Connection is what keeps us “keeping on.”  Connection is why we’re here.  It’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.  We’re hard-wired to […] read more…

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Part Two: Compassion

Part Two: Compassion By Cristin Lowe So I began by challenging you to dig up the courage to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart, to not hold back, and be honest.  Do you like that story?  Admitting you’re not perfect isn’t fun or easy, and it’s easy to beat yourself […] read more…

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Part One: Courage

I’d like to issue readers a three-day challenge that will hopefully change your current approach to your divorce. So here we go!

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